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WHEEL CLEANER - Spray with the foam gun on the rims of the car.

PRESOAK - Spray with the foam gun all the car. It softens the dirt on the car.

SOAP - With the pressure gun, wash the car.

BRUSH - Brush all the car with  the foaming brush which does not SCRATCH the vehicle (rinse the brush with the pressure gun to clean it).

RINSE - With the pressure gun, rinse the car.

TRIPLE FOAM -  Use the foam gun to spray all the car. Triple foam gives shine to the car which lasts for days.

CLEAR COAT PROTECTANT - Use the pressure gun to rinse the car with the clear coat protectant which protects the paint from he sunrays.

WAX - Use the pressure gun to rinse the car with wax which protects the paint of your car.

SPOT FREE WATER -  Always use the spot free water at the end of washing your vehicle. You will get a spot free result. Use the pressure gun for at least 1 1/2 minute, rinsing from the top to bottom of your car.


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